Can You Apply Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film?

What is ceramic coating? Can it be applied over paint protection film (PPF)? Are the two compatible, or will the ceramic coating peel off because of the PPF?

We will guide you clearly on it so that you don’t need to get confused about which works best for your car next time. Before we begin, we would like to guide you on the ceramic coating and how it differs from PPF.


The ceramic coating acts as a protective layer for paintwork. The gloss and hardness of the ceramic coating help to prevent paint damage, like swirl marks and waterdrop stains.. These coatings can be applied to all sorts of vehicles, giving them an amazing finish! The ‘Nano’ refers to both sizes-the molecules used for protection as well as our modern understanding of these materials, which has grown drastically over time since their discovery by NASA scientist Dr Harry Nelliste back when they were called space filings (which is what gave us ceramic).

It is a much-needed coating for all sorts of automobiles to get a fantastic paint finish. The liquid forms a microscopic layer over the original paint for protection .when it is applied, it sweeps into tiny imperfections found in a clear coat to create a flat surface and makes it glossy and shiner. The size of the coating particles is tiny; it fills all the imperfections in the clear coat and makes it resistant to UV rays, dust, chemicals, bird droppings, scratches, and extreme heat.


Nowadays, it is seen that many auto enthusiasts were talking about paint protection film or (PPF) What is it for real? Does it better than ceramic coating? These questions will pop up in many individuals, And are often misguided. First, the PPF or paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane film installed on top of car paint, usually clear, to display the freshly finished paint underneath. Also, car owners can buy different colour variants of protection film if they wish. PPF, or clear bra, is very resistant to corrosion, bird droppings, and road grime, just like the ceramic coating. It also has all the features offered by ceramic coatings, like scratch protection and hydrophobic effect. What it attracts is it has self-healing properties towards minor scratches. In India, if you wish to apply for a ppf, it is quite costly, and a common person cannot afford it.


If you have used a car wax or any sort of polish to protect your daily driver or garage queen and are now looking for a compelling upgrade, a ceramic coating or PPF coating will fulfil expectations.

Although the ceramic coating and PPF are greatly not identical in production, both give similar protection attributes and a relatable finish over car paint. We would always suggest getting paint correction and some preparation work before applying either. Here are some advantages of both ppf and nano-coating.


One of the common reasons for the paint to be damaged is ultraviolet rays or UV rays. Another strong factor is excessive heat or acid rain. Even smog contains dangerous contaminants which eat away paint clear coat eventually if it’s not protected. This is where the importance of PPF or nano-coating. A ceramic coating produces a very hard shield to block UV rays, acid rain, and smog, from attaching to the paint surface. The PPF does the same job but is a much softer material.  


The sun is already shining brightly in India, and while it is totally welcome. It poses some trouble to those who want to keep their car’s cosmetic appeal in tip-top shape. One of the biggest questions we receive is how to protect cars’ paint from harsh sunlight when it comes to the automotive industry. Today, in this post, we will try to outline the most common reason behind car paint fading and look at some possible ways to get rid of it. Also, treatments you can use to protect that coat of paint from fading.

We all know that car paint will begin to fade when the clear coat is damaged. The leading factors for this are UV rays, chemicals, and acids. The main reason why people use ceramic coating or ppf as a shield: both are heat resistant and can protect against colour fading for up to 5 years. Firstly, the ceramic coating contains SIO2, which is silica dioxide.SiO2 is an inorganic metal oxide that has a diameter smaller than 100 nanometres. When it hardens and is buffed off, it forms a crystal layer on the surface area. The higher the SIO2 content, the harder and long-lasting it is. The Sio2 percentage of super ceramic is 80%.which is fair enough to resist harsh light and chemical contamination


We would highly request you to polish the paint and clear coat factory paints underneath before jumping into PPF or Nano-coating (super ceramic coating ). This process often helps to achieve amazing shine. Since a coating hardens as glass, it modifies the undercoat brilliance of freshly polished paint. Similarly, PPF helps to keep the bad stuff from penetrating; thus, paint looks fresh and clean for years.


Many individuals use wax or regular polish, or even paint sealants to remove swirl marks and scratches. How is it formed? Sometimes we get stuck thinking of it. Even though we take good care of car paint, swirl marks will form automatically. You should know that these didn’t form automatically. It is only b when washes the car with a dirty towel. What happens is that dirt, debris, or microscopic imperfections in the materials will grind into the clear coat. As you literally grind the debris into the clear skin (in a circular motion), it causes scratching occurs. Either paint protection film or a durable ceramic coating can protect it.


Although there are similarities with both ppf and ceramic coating, there are a few areas where they stand distinct. Firstly, a ceramic coating is a liquid product, whereas the ppf is polymer or vinyl. The ceramic coating is applied to the paint using a sponge and is spread on the paint surface; wait for it to dry and wipe it off gently. However, PPF is installed by laying the vinyl material on the surface, smoothing out all bubbles and imperfections, and then using a hot air machine to adhere to the paint. Beyond the materials and the installation techniques, there are other differences between these two products.


A ceramic coating offers a different form of paint protection compared to ppf (paint protection film). A ceramic coating is a transparent layer, making car paint more shiny and glossy. One good advantage of such a coating is that it helps clean cars more efficiently and quickly. Generally, the coating will last up to 2-3 years, .but this depends on how you are taking care of the coating. A ceramic coating is also called Nano-coating. A high-quality ceramic coating is maintained by washing your vehicle every two weeks. Once the ceramic is applied, you should know that you don’t need to apply anything besides ceramic to improve paint protection, shine, or water resistance.

However, talking about ppf (paint protection film) helps to protect from small debris, including pebbles, dust, and other debris that gets kicked up due to traffic and blowing wind. Keep in mind that PPF is not bulletproof, but if small rocks or sticks hit your car, it’s less likely to penetrate the PPF material. Moreover, when a small rock or other debris hit the ppf , it is expected to cause minor scarring. Finally. one attractive thing about ppf is it can heal itself, blow some air over the scratch, and it will fuse


The PPF tends to produce a blurry or fuzzy appearance on the paint surface, and It is not very hydrophobic. In fact, PPF will become dirtier than non-paint protection since the material tends to absorb dirt and other materials.

When you are making the decision whether to apply a ceramic coating or a ppf film. It breaks into two options. First is your ‘budget’, and second is your needs. Here, I would suggest you think consciously. If you are looking to improve your car’s overall look by making it shine and gloss and reducing the need for frequent wash, then ceramic coating or nano-coating works best for you.

With ppf coating, if you are protecting your vehicle from dust and small rock debris that can penetrate with ceramic coating, then PPF is best for you.

Although ppf provides a little more protection from small rocks and all, it doesn’t mean that it is affordable .it is very costly compared to products like super ceramic coating. PPF is far and away from the most expensive paint protection product to use. It’s always installed by a professional, and in most cases, it can cost up to 375,625 INR to apply to the entire vehicle, whereas the super ceramic cost 1200 rs which is great value for money.


If you are looking for the ultimate layer of protection, consider applying a Nano-coating or DIY ceramic coating as the top coat of a PPF, The ceramic coating will stick to the ppf and you will be able to improve a few drawbacks of PPF protection.


Earlier, we mentioned that the ppf can only offer a little hydrophobic effect; this results in enhanced water spots but also tends to cause dirt and debris to stick to the PPF. When you apply the ceramic coating, you’ll reverse this attribute and turn it into a positive feature.


The PPF coating and ceramic coating are good enough to protect from dirt and debris; therefore, you will spend less time cleaning your car.


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    Yes, you can apply ceramic coating to a newly purchased bike, even if it’s just a month old. In fact, it’s recommended to do so as it provides an extra layer of protection to the paint and bodywork.

    Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the surface of your bike to create a protective layer. It’s known for its durability, scratch resistance, and hydrophobic properties, which means it repels water and other liquids.

    Before applying the ceramic coating, make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your bike to remove any dirt or debris. Then, apply the coating according to the instructions on the product. It’s important to note that ceramic coating requires proper preparation and application, so it’s best to read the instructions carefully and follow them closely.

    Overall, applying ceramic coating on a newly purchased bike is a smart investment that will help protect your bike paint for years to come.

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    which one is the best & affordable solution for PPF with ceramic coating – available in Delhi NCR?
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