PPF Ceramic Coating


Introducing PPF Ceramic Coating, a coating specifically designed for Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Vinyl surfaces to improve the PPF’s durability and provide superior hydrophobic qualities. The incredibly dense, flexible material that makes up the film’s permanent surface chemically bonds with the coating to protect it from the elements that an automobile is regularly subjected to.


The deadliest enemy of PPF and vinyl is UV degradation from the sun; hence our coating was built from the ground up with powerful UV blockers. PPF Ceramic Coating nanostructure contains UVA and UVB-resistant particles, so you can be confident that the wrap mixed with our coating will offer the best surface protection.


The coating’s density and low surface energy help PPF or vinyl have better water and dirt resistance. Additionally, it assists in reducing stains from dirt penetration and UV-induced yellowing. This advanced nano-coat gives the surface a brilliant shine, remarkable water and dirt resistance, and tenacious toughness that lasts for years!

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