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Ceramic Coating After Care and Maintenance: The Complete Guide


Cars and Motorcycles nowadays are not a luxury but a necessity. It is essential to take good care and maintain them. They have to be in good condition as well as clean. Ceramic coatings are something that protects our car and also gives a glossy look, which makes excellent visibility and makes our car clean for an extended period. Ceramic coatings are always treated as better than sealants and waxes because of it’s long-lasting results. Super ceramic coating is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a durable yet flexible glass shield. Super ceramic coating can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties. There are some specific guidelines to take proper protection of the ceramic coating. But before that, we need to know the basic car washing principles.


A lot of people think now that you have Paint Protection Film or a Ceramic Coating you do not need to wash your vehicle regularly. But it is wrong. We need to start with a proper washing and a frequent washing of your paint’s exterior to have a good maintenance of our car.


Two-bucket method is very popular with in car washing for a very long time and also easy to follow. All you need is two buckets, one with your car wash soap, and one with pure water. Once you have washed a panel with your car wash brush, it is very possible that there is dirt on your brush. Before placing your brush in your car wash solution, rinse it thoroughly in your water. This will reduce the possibility of replacing the dirt that has been removed from the car. Repeat the same steps until the car is clean.


It is not suggested to wash your car in the direct sun light or in high temperature or when the paint is hot that is immediately after the car painting. By doing this water will evaporate very quickly and does not show any water spotting if there are any on your vehicle. The heat sometimes exhilarates the car wash chemical and effects in the long lasting of the vehicle.


Along with the way you are washing your car the material with which you are using to wash also play very prominent role. There are number of options available in the market for the car washing brushes or microfiber mitts that helps in washing cars. Whatever may be your choice make sure it is clean and comfortable while washing.


Always make sure you are using a proper washing product. Do not use any soaps or products which are not meant for cars. You cannot expect good results with them. Infact they damage the cars. We should use the dedicated car washing products for washing cars. They are available in market.


We always forget or become lazy while washing wheels. But wheels are the dirtiest part of the vehicle so never miss washing this properly. Because apart from the paint and external cleanliness it is very important to maintain clean wheels otherwise the dirt may pile up and cause relatively bad performance.


After the washing we should not wax the coating. By doing this the wax will not be stuck our bond with the the coating. For this purpose, we have recommended maintenance. It is called Ceramic Pro Care which completes as an after washing care product. It is available in car showrooms or online you can purchase. After the coating has cured you are able to apply a carnauba wax over the paint. Be sure that the wax is strictly a wax, and does not contain any “cleaners”. This will add some gloss, enhancing the “wet look” of the vehicle.


Nano coating is evolved from nanotechnology. Basic concept of this coating is there are some small particles that are not visible to the eye on the cars. So when they are applied to a surface, they close all the pores making the surface water repellent, UV resistant, chemicals, extreme heat. This 9H ceramic layer is totally transparent. Now, in detailing, it’s often said you should always use the least aggressive solution possible to preserve your vehicle’s health. If your coating is already doing half the cleaning, you don’t need a heavy duty soap. A gentle wash soap made for Nano coatings like Dr. Beasley’s Ceramic Body Wash would make more sense.



If you’ve got a Nano coating, you’re probably concerned about preventing scratches. Automatic washes use highly abrasive bristles that retain all the scratch-prone contaminants from previous washes. Put your vehicle through one and you’ll come out with a micro-marred coating even if it’s “9H”. Using a touchless car wash method means that the only things touching your car are soap and high pressurized water. Your car is first rinsed off with water, then it receives a layer of soap, and finally the soap is washed off with high pressure streams of water.

There are some things which you should keep in mind while maintaining your car:

  1. Parking under a trees specially if there are shedding is a very bad idea. After a wash you definitely does not want a tree sap on a fresh coating.
  2. Do not allow bird droppings, sap or pollen fall on the car and also do not park your car in the sun.
  3. Do not wash the paint without having a good knowledge. Use proper methods mentioned above.
  4. Car coatings are not permanent. So you need to well maintain for long lasting. The strong intermolecular bonding that results from a ceramic coating means that when dents are repaired, the ceramic coating will not be damaged since it is bonded to the paint. The flexibility of the ceramic coating ensures it will not crack or peel.
  5. Nano Coatings are self-protective but they also need maintenance. So do not take easy when your car is surfaced with Nano coatings.

What happens to the ceramic coating when not cared for?

As ceramic coating has been applied, the vehicle owners love the way how water, mud, dirt, and other contaminants just slide off their vehicles. But, When the cars aren’t washed frequently and being exposed to the harmful UV rays always, it might create a rise in the surface energy, which may eventually reduce the hydrophobic properties.

  • LOSS OF SHINE: A high-quality product provides a mind-blowing shine to the vehicle. The vehicle may give an “ Always wet’’ look. When you neglect the coating, the thinning of the protective layer occurs, which disappears the shine gradually.
  • Reduced Hydrophobic Effect:  HYDROPHOBIC EFFECT reduces due to the increase in the surface tension, which is primarily caused due to prolonged exposure to Uv rays and also due to not washing vehicle periodically.

Is it Necessary to wax over a ceramic coating?

It is unnecessary to wax coat a vehicle after ceramic coating. It’d prove to be useless and waste expenditure. Protecting the clear coat of a car/ bike is the ultimate purpose of the ceramic coating, which is the same as the wax coating.

We’d help you to understand this by means of an example,

Many of the waxes not only protects the paint of the vehicle but also make the vehicle shiny and glossy. Maybe you’d want to experience the advantage of it; you can surely hit a try. ! 

NOTE: You need to be extremely cautious about the “ CLEANER WAX.” They have a terrible quality to wipe out the paint of a vehicle completely. Every wax is not created equally. Each one has different attributes, A Carnauba wax, is the most typical and safest wax we can use, A great wax we had used is the Optimum car wax, It’s an easy to use type spray wax, It makes your vehicle shine and give a wet effect. 

What happens to a ceramic coated car after Two years?.

Unless and until you wish to remove the coating willingly, It won’t easily shed away, but there’ll be a little difference in the surface tension, which is caused by various reasons. These differences can be restored with a deep cleaning. Still, at a certain point, the hydrophobic properties won’t be the same as what they used to be, regardless of how much you try to clean it, But don’t worry, at such a point, a new coating of the super ceramic coating can surely be done. There are a lot of benefits of Nano coating, 


Lastly, In a comparison of maintenance of a coated and non-coated car, the coated car requires half the maintenance as to non-coated. 


We might have a doubt like whether ceramic coating is necessary or good for our car and if yes how to maintain it correctly. To be precise ceramic car coating is worth purchasing A professional application is also worth exploring if you have a high end or show vehicle. The prominent thing about having ceramic coating is we must not expect a drastic change or glow or high end protection around your car. The main purpose of having this coat is it makes as if it is waxed very recently and does not look your car old, makes dirt fall off super easy, and does a better job of protecting your paint than any wax or sealant.

It is also very important to have this coat on your car rims and headlights. There are many videos in the internet how-to videos which have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people and learn more about 9H ceramic coating to do it yourself.  So do not panic and always treat your vehicle good with proper maintenance.




37 Responses

  1. I’ve put 9 layers of CERAMIC COAT to my brand new BLACK JEEP COMPASS. However, like to know few tips for maintaining the GLOSS look for longer period.

    1. Wash fortnightly and keep the clean surface clean. 3 layers of coating is recommended, you can use ceramic coating safe polish like Quick Polish to get a instant glossy finish.

  2. 1. How to remove scratches on a ceramic coated car?

    2.what polish should be used on a ceramic coated car, as part of maintenance schedule?

  3. After super ceramic coating it’s also help to prevent from minor scratches and swirls, and also it’s repair minor scratches and swirls, before it applying

  4. After wash do we have to apply coating under shade or it can be applied under direct sunlight?
    Also after his much time we can drive our car so that dust should not stick on surface?

    1. Apply the coating under shade, please don’t apply the coating under direct sunlight. You need to allow at least 48 hours of curing time.

  5. Normally, there’s slight wetness due to humidity at night times. If coating is done and same night the vehicle gets wet due to humidity / fog, will it affect the quality of coating.

  6. Hello
    I am planning to buy this .in this rainy season but of rain water hits back of my car . Soo after applying if rain water hits the back side then it will be wasted what to do in such case

    1. You only have to keep away from water for the first 48 hours and heavy rain for the 7 days. You can use car cover to protect from rain after the 48 hours.

  7. Hello ,

    I just done ceramic coating of my car and right it is in cure . I will not wash my car for 7 days as recommended by dealer but my car parking Is open and it’s a raining season so ceramic coating will get affected by this?

    1. Keep the ceramic-coated car away from water at least for the first 48 hours. Park the vehicle in direct sunlight after 12 hours for faster curing. You can use a car cover after 48 hours to protect the car from the rain. Make sure the ceramic coated surface did not come in contact with water for the first 48 hours, after that from our experience it will not cause any problems!!

  8. Suppose i coated my bike with ceramic coating and after some days my bike got dirty becsuse of rain and mud and then i foam washed it as i do it generally. So do i need to do the ceramic coating again after every foam wash?

    1. Ceramic coating is a permanent coating. It will last around 2 years regardless of how much you foam wash your vehicle. Normal washing can’t affect ceramic coating anyways!

    1. The ceramic coating will slowly wear away and you’ll be back down to the clear coat. You will get the current clear coat finish after it wears away. You don’t have to remove the existing layer when applying a topup coat. I recommend you apply a layer of Super Ceramic Coating every year.

  9. I applied it on my bike.. but now there are forms many high spots, and tank becomes matte..how to repair it..? Please reply asap

    1. Make sure the surroundings free from dust when applying. After curing, the ceramic coating will not attract dust, it will be easier to clean the dirt and dust after due to the hydrophobic properties.

    1. Use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) wipe-down to remove wax. It is commonly known as clinical spirit, you can buy it from any nearby medical store. Buy 100% pure IPA and add 30-50% water to it. Then wipe the entire surface remove the wax. Then allow a few hours and apply the coating.

        1. A machine polishing will help to remove ceramic coating permanently from any vehicle paint. It is available in most of the car washing centres and all detailing shops. It cost around 1000₹.

    1. The main purpose of a ceramic coating is to protect the clear coat on your car. Most do that pretty well. The purpose of wax is the same, protecting the clear / paint coat of your car. So, in general, using wax on top of a ceramic coating is simply useless, and therefore a waste of money and time. There is one situation though, where this could make sense. Let me explain. Most waxes, besides protecting the paint on your car, have an added benefit.
      They make the car look glossy. Wet. Shiny. Whatever you like to call it. So, if you are like to experience this benefit, you can go ahead and apply wax on top of the ceramic coating.

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