How To Apply Super Ceramic Coating?

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Applying ceramic coating on your car or motorcycle on your own is a relatively simple process. Thanks to the availability of new Super ceramic coating DIY kits, the application process has become straightforward for consumers. Before applying the nano-coating, it is important to ensure that the surface of your vehicle is free from mud, dirt, and stains. This applies to all brand-new vehicles. We recommend performing paint correction if necessary, meaning that the paint should be free from small scratches and swirl marks before applying the coating. After washing, allow the surface to dry completely. It is essential that the paint surface is dry when applying the coating. The ideal condition for applying super ceramic coating is between 15-30 degrees Celsius. The ceramic coating will create a sacrificial hydrophobic layer on top of your paint surface. If you would like to learn more about ceramic coating, including its advantages and disadvantages, you can read about it here.

The video above is only meant to provide an idea of how the ceramic coating is applied. Please read the detailed guide below to get the most out of your ceramic coating application and achieve a showroom shine.

Do's and Don'ts for Applying Super Ceramic Coating at Home



Three-Step Ceramic Coating Process for Achieving a Flawless Finish

In order to effectively apply the Super Ceramic Coating, we can break down the process into three simple and straightforward steps. By following these steps, you can ensure a seamless and professional application of the coating, resulting in enhanced protection and a stunning finish for your vehicle.

Step 1: Surface Preparation

To ensure optimal results, it is highly recommended to thoroughly wash and dry your car before applying the ceramic coating. This step is crucial as it allows for the complete removal of any dirt, grime, or other contaminants that may be present on the surface of your vehicle. By taking the time to properly clean your car, you are creating the ideal foundation for the ceramic coating to adhere to, resulting in a longer-lasting and more effective protection for your vehicle.

  1. Wash & Decontamination

    • Start by giving your car a preliminary rinse using a hose with gentle pressure.
    • Proceed with a manual wash using car shampoo, employing the two-bucket method. Let it dry. Our Watermelon foam wash shampoo is expertly designed to break down and remove dirt and contaminants effectively without damaging the paint.
  2. Deciding on Polishing (If the color has faded)

 If your car’s paint appears faded, is noticeably damaged, or bears scratches, consider paint correction and a subsequent polish after Step 2 for optimal results.

    • We advise using machine polishing at this juncture to address any minor scratches or imperfections in the car’s clear coat.

    • A gentle buff with a finishing polish will enhance the surface’s brilliance, preparing it for the ceramic coating’s final touch. Exercise caution around trim areas to avoid scuffing or clogging them with polish; consider using tape for protection.


  • IPA Wipedown

    • Thoroughly wipe down the surface using an IPA (isopropyl alcohol) solution. IPA, also known as clinical spirit, is readily available for purchase at any nearby medical store. To create an IPA solution for use on your vehicle, buy a 100% pure IPA solution from your nearest medical store and add 40% water to it. Your IPA solution is now ready! This is for removing any wax or polish residue from the paint surface and preventing it from reacting with the ceramic coating.

Once the above steps are complete, it’s prudent to test the ceramic coating application on a discreet car area to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

Step 2: Applying Super Ceramic Coating

1. Weather Watch: Ensure that there’s no rain or excess moisture in the forecast, especially if you’re working outdoors, as these conditions could interfere with the coating’s curing process.

2. Gather Your Essentials: Ensure you have all necessary items on hand. All below items are included in the Super Ceramic Coating DIY Kit.

  • Gloves 
  • Fresh microfiber buffing towel.
  • The applicator block, along with suede cloths.
  • The main act: Super Ceramic Coating. Handle the bottle with care – while it’s robust, it’s not immune to breakage. 

Basic Application Steps:

1. Fold a microsuede cloth around the applicator block and dispense 4 or 5 drops of Super Ceramic Coating onto it.

2. Gently spread a thin layer over the car’s surface. Start with horizontal strokes and then switch to vertical ones to ensure uniform coverage. Replenish the cloth with more drops once it feels dry.

3. Allow the coating to settle for 1-5 minutes (duration depends on the ambient temperature). Afterwards, delicately buff off any excess using a separate microfiber cloth or towel. Use minimal pressure and ensure you’ve removed any residues or uneven patches.

Approximate Drying Intervals:

  • 10°C: 4-5 minutes
  • 20°C: 2-3 minutes
  • 25°C+: 1-2 minutes

Systematically move through each section of the vehicle, applying and buffing one part at a time. Once you’ve covered the entire car or motorcycle, let it bask in the sun for about 5 hours to dry properly. You can drive afterward, but it’s wise to steer clear of rain or snow for the next few days. See? Simpler than you thought, right?

If questions arise, don’t hesitate to contact our Expert Care Team. You’re part of the family now, and we’ve got your back!

Step 3: Post Application

Great job on getting your vehicle ceramic coated!

Welcome to the exclusive group of car enthusiasts who understand the essence of superior car protection. With your vehicle now beautifully ceramic coated, it’s vital to know a few things as it cures. Here’s a rundown:

Weather and Curing Time: Has your vehicle had sufficient time to cure without exposure to moisture or adverse weather? If yes, you’re set. If not, ensure it’s kept sheltered until it’s fully cured.

Water Spotting: After a rain or extended idle period, you might notice some spots left by evaporated rainwater. These are merely surface spots and can be easily rinsed off. The protective layer ensures that these residues don’t bond with the coating.

High Spots: Ensure the coating is evenly applied without any high spots. Inspect closely, preferably with a handheld light, and buff out any discrepancies. If you find a hardened spot, reapply a little Super Ceramic Coating to reactivate it, then buff again.

Water-Beading Effect: After the coating has cured, try the water beading test. It’s impressive to watch the water glide off your car.

Remaining Super Ceramic Coating: A little goes a long way with the Super Ceramic Coating solution. If you have any left, it remains potent for next 1 years when sealed correctly. And if you have an unopened bottle, it’s good to use for a touch-up after about 2 years, lasting up to 5 Years,

Microfiber Cloths: Once the coating dries, it may crystallize and make your microfiber towels stiff. Reusing them can introduce micro-scratches. If the coating hardens them, it’s best to discard. You can always restock from our store.

Additional Layers: If you decide to add more layers to your coating later, treat it like a fresh application. Clean the pre-coated surface thoroughly, ensure no contaminants remain, and reapply as needed.

Any questions or just fancy a chat? Reach out to our online Expert Team. We’re always here for you.

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  1. I just did a nano polishing for my hatchback car. Let me know how do I apply your ceramic coating on it. Please tell me the steps

  2. Hello Govind,

    Congratulations on your new Hunter 350 Rebel Red! For optimal protection, applying 2-3 layers of ceramic coating should suffice. Ensure a minimum of a 1-hour gap between each layer to allow proper curing and bonding with the surface. After the final layer, it’s recommended to wait at least 48 hours before driving the bike to ensure the coating has fully cured and is ready for the road.

    Enjoy your new ride with the added protection of the ceramic coating!

  3. Respected team.

    I have a new hunter 350 rebel red to be coated.
    How many layers I needed in the bike.
    And what’s the gap of time between each layer of coating.
    If it needs 2-3 layers. What’s the gap. Of time between the last layer and the bike can be driven please reply as soon as possible cz my order is on way

  4. Yes, that’s correct. Super Ceramic Coating can be applied to glass surfaces except car front windshield. The product is designed to create a protective layer that can enhance the surface’s durability and resistance to environmental factors. On glass, such as your car’s windows, it helps in repelling water and dirt, improving visibility. When applied to headlights, it can protect against oxidation and UV damage, which can cause cloudiness over time. Always ensure to apply it as per the instructions for optimal performance and longevity.

  5. You can apply graphene coating to all surfaces except front windshield. Graphene coatings are known for their exceptional durability and hydrophobic properties, which means they repel water effectively. When applied to glass surfaces like your car’s windows, it can enhance visibility during rainy conditions by repelling water and reducing the formation of water droplets. On headlights, a graphene coating can help maintain clarity and prevent oxidation and yellowing caused by UV exposure. Always ensure you follow the specific application instructions provided with your graphene coating product for the best results.

  6. Hello Sreekanth, we sincerely apologize for the delayed reply. After applying the ceramic coating, you should buff it off with a microfiber cloth. Due to this, not much liquid ceramic coating is left on the surface, which allows you to cover it without much issue. However, if you have an underground garage where no dust or sunlight enters, there is no need to cover it.

  7. Our Super Ceramic Coating is primarily intended for painted parts, offering exceptional protection and shine. If you’re looking to coat glass surfaces, we recommend using our dedicated Ceramic Glass Coating. You can learn more about it here: Ceramic Glass Coating Product. This way, you’ll have tailored solutions for both your painted and glass surfaces, ensuring the best possible outcome.

  8. Ensure the ceramic-coated surface is free from dust for the first 12 hours. Apply the coating in the evening, or use a bike cover without it touching the ceramic-coated surface.

  9. One major advantage of choosing Super Ceramic Coating over wax is that you don’t have to reapply it. This eliminates the need for frequent waxing, saving time and effort. You will get more glossiness than any wax can provide.

  10. I Don’t Have Covered Parking, also There is lot of dust coming in my Parking because of heavy traffic on road, I have Ordered the kit but after Application, will I have to park bike at covered parking for 48 Hours???

  11. We suggest that you apply two layers of coating. After one year, you may apply an additional layer to enhance the coating’s durability.

  12. You need to wash the vehicle first and then use IPA to remove oil and residue on the paint. Ceramic coating is the final step.

  13. Wash > compundin > polishe > ipa > again wash > apply super ceramic

    its right for apply ceramic, wash with soap after ipa its right, before ceramic

  14. Sahil Kumar Gupta

    Hello Sir Can I Apply Super Ceramic Coating On Dominor 400 Matte Finish, As Its All Fiber What Do You Advice ?

  15. No, you can apply the ceramic coating without polishing if your paint is in good condition. If the colour is already faded, do a machine polish from any nearby car washing centre for the best finish. They will charge you around 500-750₹ for motorcycles and 1000-1500₹ for cars. The all in one polish is not a polishing compound, it is a product for giving an instant fresh look after washing.

  16. In how to apply instructions above it says dry it for 24 hours, and after that we can take out the car and for 48 hours no water should be used.

    So my doubt is according to what you have said, it requires 48 hours to dry andnI can take my vehicle only after that ?

  17. Hi. I would like to know whether i can use super Ceramic coating on plastics and whole external area of the car excluding glass and windshield, whereas including headlights and fog lamps, alloys etc.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    You need to apply the coating and keep it for the next 48 hours in a dust-free environment. The car cover should not come to contact with the ceramic coated paint for the first 48 hours.

  19. Hi, I stay where there are lots of leaves shedding trees and loose soils, so within 15-20 minutes of washing the car, it will be again covered with fine dust. So as you mentioned after application, should not use car for 48 hours, so for those 48 hours, can I keep vehicle under car cover (ford figo) ?

  20. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    You have to use a polishing compound and remove swirls and scratches before applying the ceramic coating. The ceramic coating can’t remove any swirl marks or scratches exists on the paint. It can prevent future small scratches.

  21. Midlaj Mannankadiyan

    I have applied ceramic on my car. But after a wash i can see some kind residues on the paint which give haze feel like white effects, so what would be the next step to remove those..? Snd also tell what the time gap that we need to wipe if off after each section coating..?
    Which gsm microfiber is suit to remove the residue. ..? 320 gsm is not good to remove residue from my prior experience..

  22. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    Super Ceramic Coating is for painted surface only. While, Fiber coating should apply on areas where it is made up of plastic, fiber, and leather. The glass coating is for the windows and the windshield of a car. However, for bikes that have few fiber parts, feel free to apply super ceramic coating to these parts. You don’t have to purchase fiber coating for small fiber parts. So we recommend you to purchase Super Ceramic Coating for your R15 V3. The coating lasts around 1-2 Years.

  23. I bought R15 v3 8 months ago… And it has a lot of plastic and fiber parts even the tank outer part also… Which product I have to use to keep maintaining its own shining..? Superceramic coating or fiber and plastic coating? Are these both products really waterproof? And how long fiber and plastic coating lasts?

  24. 1. Can I apply it over windows, windshield, and rubber beadings?
    2. What if I’m not removing the swirls and I do thr coating. The swirls will still be visible through thr ceramic coating?

  25. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    Yes, You can apply it on a matte paint without losing the matte finish. Ceramic coating adds a sacrificial transparent layer over your vehicle clear coat. For a matte finish, add only 1 layer. It gives a bit shiny effect. Apply it on a small area first if you want to check results. Buy it from here-

  26. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    Use IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to remove Teflon coating and apply the ceramic coating. You can buy IPA from nearest medical store, ask for clinical spirit, but 100% pure IPA, and add 30%-40% water and wipe the entire coated surface to remove the Teflon coating.

  27. Santhosh Maheswaran

    i have done teflon coating on my car ! can i use super ceramic coating over teflon coaring or what should i do

  28. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    You can remover ceramic coating by polishing your vehicle. You can either contact a detailer and pay around 1000₹ for machine polishing your vehicle or do it manually.
    Recommended Products for hand polishing:

    You can remove all ceramic coating residue using 3M Marin paste rubbing compound and bring back shine using the MEGUIARS Ultimate Polish. Applying MEGUIARS Ultimate Polish is optional if you have only a few high spots on your vehicle.

  29. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    Even you didn’t ceramic coat your vehicle, we do not recommend you to use diesel on your car paint frequently. Normally people use diesel to strip off any wax or tar from paint. But there are lot of safer products available to remove the tar and wax. You can use pressure washing after ceramic coating. We do not recommend to do pressure wash too frequently. Once in a month is fine with the most cases. You can read more about ceramic coating maintenance tips here.

  30. Hi team!
    I wanted to know if I can diesel wash my bike after applying the ceramic coating?
    Can I do pressure washing?
    Thank you

  31. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    Yes, we always recommend you to polish your vehicle before ceramic coating. Polishing removes swirl marks, scratches, and enhance the overall finish of your vehicle.

  32. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    Ceramic coating can be applied to a matte finish. It won’t turn a matte finish into a glossy finish. In another case, if you have swirl marks or scratches on the paint, we recommend you to use the marine paste to remove scratches and MEGUIARS Ultimate Polish to remove swirl marks and revive glaze of your paint.
    – MEGUIARS Ultimate Polish:
    – 3M IA110109286 Finesse It Marine Paste:

  33. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    In some rare cases, Super Ceramic Coating may cause fogging after the rain if applied on the windshield. So we have Glass coating to apply on the windshield. It will not cause any issues.

  34. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    Please keep it in the shades or under a roof.. You shouldn’t cure the coating in direct sunlight. After 48 hours, you can check water repellent effect.

  35. Where do i leave my vehicle to cure after the first coating ? In the sunlight or in an enclosed room ?
    How long should i wait before applying the second coat for best results ?

  36. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    Yes, it will add A Freshly Waxed Look For Years. Since it keeps your vehicle from color fading, it Preserves a Higher-Resale Value. The ceramic coating is a transparent glass layer above your paint surface, so it keeps Your Car Cleaner In Between Each Wash.

  37. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    The ceramic coating only takes 48 hours to bond with vehicle paint. We are recommending 7 days wash free period as an ideal case, Its good if you can keep your vehicles unwashed for seven days, but it’s okay even if you wash.

  38. What if my vehicle gets dirty after 48 hours or applying coating due to use of my vehicle soo, can I wash my vehicle or not???
    Coz you have mentioned that do not wash vehicle for 7 days soo can I wash my vehicle or I have to use the dirty vehicle for 7 days then I can wash my vehicle

  39. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    You only have to apply the coating once in a Year. Apply it when you feel like the water-repellent effect is gone.

  40. Super Ceramic Coating Editor

    The ceramic coating doesn’t damage your vehicle paint, it will only add a thin layer of hydrophobic coating above your vehicle paint. You can apply super ceramic coating on a matte paint without losing its a matte finish. Ceramic coating is a transparent coating, so it’ll not change the matte finish to glossy. You can read more about ceramic coating and how it works here- Let me know you have any more questions 🙂

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