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What Is The Difference Between Hand Polishing and Machine Polishing? How To Polish Your CAR/ Bike BY HAND!

hand polishing and machine polishing difference

Did you ever notice that the professional ceramic coated vehicles have the highest glossy mirror-like finish when compared to the DIY ceramic coated vehicles!! What is their secret? Is they are using some kind of magical ceramic coating that gives an instant mirror like finish? The answer is NOO! They are using the exact same ceramic coating liquid.

The difference between a regular DIY ceramic coating customer and a professional detailer is. that they do color correction by polishing your vehicle. Car polish is a product that helps to eliminate surface scratches, swirls, dirt, oxidation, and other minor imperfections. Polish should be used before a wax or ceramic coating, as it helps to restore auto paint that has lost its shine due to oxidation.

Today we will discuss “How we can polish a car quickly with our hands. As we all know, car polishing is something which you have to do each year if you are not ceramic coated your vehicle. But the worst part is that you often have to pay a considerable amount of money for an advanced level of machine polishing work. Although you can polish a vast area of the car within a shorter period with the help of most modern machines, however, the reality is that majority of the automobile enthusiasts might not get the desire or enough funds to spent on machine polishing. They both are the same process; the difference is the machine makes your job a lot easier.

What are the Benefits of Car Polish

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about polishing the car. Well, the majority of the people might even once think about the cost. Undoubtedly yes, it’s costly at many car polishing centers. It eases your workload, but what if a DIY polish can fix this at a considerable amount, and it will give your car the same mirror-like glossy look, just like you first brought the vehicle. However, hand polishing is a time-consuming procedure. Now it’s up to you to choose what. Let me ask you one more thing, why is it so essential to polish a car? Have you ever thought of it? Well, our answer for that would be somewhat like this, Polishing your vehicle gives you more than just making it look good? Yes, you heard it right; there are numerous advantages to car polishing. It is the best way to extend the life of the paintwork, improve the finish, and fix imperfections made by dirt and debris. Now, let us vividly look deep into the advantages of polishing a car.

  • Corrects paint Defects: These days, it’s hard to find a car without a small glitch. Sometimes, it’s more like swirl marks, which is hard for a human to catch at a first look. All such fault can entirely get cleared through a car polishing.
  • Remove spots: sometimes polish can not fill all the hidden spot’s on painted areas this issue could fix by giving a thorough polishing  will make them harder to see
  • Eliminate scratches: Another great advantage of car polishing is that it remove shallow scratches with a coat of car polish. if they are small enough, polish get fills in these areas and eliminates scratches
  • Provides smooth and glossy look: The different properties of car polish such as buffing, smoothing, and proper filling helps you to achieve extra shine stunning bright outlook. We highly recommend a wax coating to keep everything sealed
  • Extends the life of the paintwork: Polishes maintain the life of paint by removing dirt that is too hard to wash away with regular washing. It also helps condition the paintwork, making it more resistant to cracking, drying, and peeling.
  • Reduce car wash frequency: A car polish act as a protective layer. It helps you to clean dirt and debris quickly with a wipe.

Machine Polishing vs. Hand Polishing

Are you confused with choosing between machine polish and hand polish? Well, that’s ok. It’s very usual. Today we are going to discuss both machine polishing and hand polishing to give you a better insight so that next time you were able to choose one. As you know, machine polishing is widely viewed as something that is done by professionals with the help of hi-end technologies, mostly done by automotive industries. Whereas, the most at-home car enthusiasts will polish their vehicles by hand using a paste or spray on wax or polish.


Hand polishing is the process of polishing the car using the power of the hand. This process is very straight forward and quite simple; you just have to apply the polish on the chosen area and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth. Additionally, hand polish is much safer it also reduces the possibility of burning the car’s paint. This usually occurs when polishing is done by machine at a high speed.

Furthermore, hand polishing works best for cars that are less damaged by the sun and other factors such as snow and exterior elements, yet it can give a shine glossy look as well as protection and surely enhances the vehicles look and finish.


In the case of machine polishing, it uses strength, speed, and movement to work the polish thoroughly on the paint surface. This is mostly done by professionals, You have to rotate the polishing machine at a fixed speed for a particular time to make sure it eliminates only small amounts of clear coat on the car’s paint. If it is not done correctly: it might inflict severe damage to car paint with effects such as buffer trails, holograms, and even burning through the surface of the paint.

Which is The Best Car Polish Available in India for Hand Polishing

When choosing a polish, you have to look for its formulation, Abrasiveness and application specifications.

  • FORMULATION: There are several formulations available for your car, depending on your car’s paint. In which most of them are just plain car polish with no silicone, wax, or other additives. Other formulations include both a polish and wax, saving you a step and a sore arm. However, separate polish, wax, and sealant coats look better and protect your car more effectively.
  • ABRASIVENESS: Most of the modern polish available in the market use abrasive that helps break down into smaller particles as they are buffed into the body, and this turns the surface smoother and more elegant. The majority of the formulation available these-days can use for any vehicles, but it’s good to double-check since some specialty products have varying grades of abrasiveness.
  • APPLICATION: Application methods are same for most of the car polish. Wash, and dry car first. Adopt a special formula applicator. Apply product using circular motions to one section at one time. Allow drying to a haze. Wipe off with a clean, soft cloth, turning it frequently.

So what polish we recommends?

We recommend you to choose Flamingo car polish. The flamingo car polish is a high-end car polish which is very easy to use and time-saving product, this polish will work with any paint job and it can apply with a soft cloth, One of the main reason why we recommend flamingo car polish is that we have tested many other car polishes but we never really get the result we want but since using flamingo its is much smoother and gives long-lasting shine. The formulation is excellent for restoring color, depth, and gloss.

How To Polish a car by hand?

  1. Make sure your car is washed and dried. Avoid direct sunlight.
  2. Take your chosen microfiber cloth or foam (Flamingo car polish comes with foam, no need to purchase a sperate microfiber cloth)
  3. Drop a little pea-sized amount of polish to it.
  4. Apply product using circular motions to one section at one time. Allow drying to a haze. Wipe off with a clean, soft cloth, turning it frequently.
  5. Once you complete with the polish, you might see some white cloud foam on the areas where you polish, but don’t worry, just buff it off with a microfiber cloth.

You should now leave with a vastly improved finish with either the swirl marks completely gone or reduced. If you saw any kind of scratches or swirl marks again, then repeat the above steps by putting a little bit more pressure on that area. If your scratches are deep, you may need to use a rubbing compound. We recommend you to ceramic coat your vehicle for adding an extra layer of protection above your vehicle paint. So the vehicle paint will not fade and prevent future small swirl marks and scratches.




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