Stop Searching For Ceramic Coating Detailers Near You! You can Save Money By Choosing Super Ceramic Coating DIY Bottle

As car and motorcycle owners, we all want our vehicles to stay in pristine condition, just like the first day we drove them. However, with time and exposure to the environment, the paint on our vehicles begins to fade. This is where ceramic coating comes in. If you’re not familiar with ceramic coating, it’s a protective layer that can be applied to your car or motorcycle’s paint to protect it from damage and keep it looking like new.

Finding a reputable ceramic coating detailer in your area can be a challenge. Many people may not be aware of the cost associated with ceramic coating their vehicle. But it’s important to note that the cost can vary depending on the type of vehicle you have. For example, a motorcycle ceramic coating can cost around 15,000₹ while a car or SUV ceramic coating may range from 30,000₹ to 50,000₹. Ceramic coating is an investment in the longevity and appearance of your vehicle.

What to look for when Choosing Ceramic Coating Application?

Ceramic coating is a type of protective finish for the exterior of vehicles. The process involves applying a liquid polymer by hand, which chemically bonds with the vehicle through a technique known as nano-coating. This creates a strong and durable protective layer on the surface, which can help to prevent damage from environmental factors like UV rays, bird droppings, and tree sap.

  1. Hydrophobic formula: One of the most important features of ceramic coating is its hydrophobic nature. This means that water will be repelled and won’t accumulate on the surface. Snow and ice won’t stick to the surface either.
  2. Mud and dirt repellant: Ceramic coatings work much better than an ordinary paint job because it doesn’t allow water to accumulate on the surface. Moreover, dirt, dust, and mud smoothly slide off the surface, so you need not worry about it when going outside the city.
  3. UV damage protection: Exposing your car to the sun makes the paint fade and look dull. This is caused by the UV rays of the sun, which react with the chemicals and fade the color. When it comes to ceramic coatings, they are UV-proof, which means they will protect your car from UV rays and not let your paint fade away, reducing the process of oxidation.
  4. Long-lasting care: Adding a layer of ceramic coating to your car is like adding an extra layer of protection. The new coating bonds with the molecular structure of your car paint, and it cannot be easily removed, making it last longer, not for months, but for years. However, how long it lasts solely depends on the kind of maintenance that you provide.

Nanocoatings do not change the color of a vehicle’s surface or any appliance to which they are applied. Instead, they enhance the color. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your car or motorcycle’s paint is free from scratches and imperfections before applying the ceramic coating. For a detailed explanation of what ceramic coating is and how it works, you can read this article: Ceramic Coating for Cars: Review & Truth Unleashed.

How is a ceramic coating applied?

Now that you have chosen the right DIY ceramic coating for your car, it’s time to look into the installation process. Many people get nervous about DIY projects, but it can be easier than expected. At Super Ceramic Coating, we ensure that our clients do not run into any issues while coating their vehicles. Simply read the process below and follow the instructions.

Preparation: Before applying the DIY ceramic coating, ensure that your car has been washed and is free from any contaminants. This will allow the paint to be polished to a high standard and increase its longevity.

Installation: After the cleaning is done to install the DIY coating, follow the below steps

The Downside of Professional Car Detailing Services

Professional car detailing services come with several drawbacks. Firstly, the high costs associated with these services can be a major deterrent for many car owners, as the expenses can quickly accumulate, particularly for those seeking frequent detailing. Secondly, the time-consuming nature of detailing means that your car may be unavailable for use for an entire day or even longer for more extensive treatments, which can be quite inconvenient for individuals reliant on their vehicles daily. Lastly, the variable quality of service among different detailers poses a risk, as some may deliver exceptional results, while others might leave customers disappointed with subpar outcomes. Consequently, these downsides warrant careful consideration before opting for professional car detailing.

What are the Pros and Cons of DIY Nano Ceramic Coatings?

It basically depends on the amount of work that you are willing to do. When you compare the best A-grade ceramic coatings with the best DIY ceramic coating kits, the quality of each product is undoubtedly based on prep work and application. 

It is quite convenient to hand over this task to a professional, but you’ll need to pay a premium price. For some consumers, it only makes sense to go for professionally installed products. However, your comfort levels also matter a lot. So if you want to undertake this task, purchase a high-quality DIY Ceramic Coating Product, which is easy to install and has an exceptional hydrophobic effect. Also, ensure that the production company offers superior customer support with easy-to-follow instructions.

Another option that provides a similar level of hardness and protection as the professionally installed ceramic coating is a high-quality DIY ceramic coating product. The do-it-yourself formula is slightly different from the pro-grade version as it’s designed for easier installation and requires less prep work. However, like the professional product, it has its own set of pros and cons to consider.

Advantages OF DIY Super Ceramic Coating

  • Less Costly: It costs more than $1,000 to get this work professionally done. While on the other hand, a high-quality DIY nano-ceramic coating will cost about 90% less.
  • Superior Hydrophobic Properties: DIY ceramic coatings offer immense shine and hydrophobic properties/
  • Provides the same service in terms of length: On average, the professional, as well as the DIY products, offer approximately the same level of protection for the same period.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Well, at least from us. You can contact us with any queries you have.

Disadvantages of DIY Ceramic Coating Application

  • It takes effort to prep the vehicle: There is no way to sugarcoat this! If you want great results from any paint protection product, you’ll have to do some prep work in advance. DIY ceramic kits are no different in this aspect, and so it can be labour-intensive. The quality of your paint surface will primarily determine how much prep work would be required.
  • Some inferior products on the market: Like the high and professional-grade coatings, some are better than others. The DIY segment is packed with inferior products with exaggerated claims, so do thorough research before you purchase.


As mentioned above, it is very easy to DIY ceramic coating. However, it does require a certain amount of care and some preparation. Take out some free time to do it properly, and your car and motorcycles will have the desired layer of protection. 

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