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Cleaning your car’s glass can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’ve got contaminants dried on the surface. But when you’ve got a hydrophobic ceramic coating like Super ceramic glass coating installed, those contaminants will simply rest on top of the coating rather than encrust onto the surface. From there, a simple rinse should be enough to wash them away. How does that work? Well, because water is repelled from the surface, it takes contaminant particles along with it as it slides away. A hydrophobic coating on the windshield makes it so much easier to keep it clear of gunk for both visibility and aesthetics’ sake. Driving during rainy season becomes a pleasurable experience for you.



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Now that we’re in the thick of spring storm season and summer showers are coming, it’s important to remember just how essential having a ceramic coating for vehicle glass is. The Super Ceramic Glass Coating is a great nano-coating for vehicle glass, so we’ll be focusing on its particular benefits to show you what makes a ceramic coating for your car’s glass such an advantage. And at the end of the day, that advantage comes down to three things: Better visibility in adverse conditions, easier cleaning, and, most importantly for detailing obsessives, impeccable clarity. Let’s take a look at these advantages in more detail.

  • Improved visibility in poor weather (fog, cloudiness, rain): Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, creating a smooth, water-resistant surface so rain won’t block your view. This helps you stay safe by improving visibility and avoiding potential accidents.
  • Easier Cleaning: Ceramic coating on car glass makes contaminants like bug splatter, bird droppings, and tree sap easier to remove. Your windshields stay clean longer and are easier to clean.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Ceramic coating provides great clarity benefits, it repels water and improves visibility without any cloudiness or haziness. On dark or foggy days, it gives you crystal clear windows and windshields. It is also UV resistant, reducing sun glare and protecting against the sun that can mess with your view. headlights when driving at night. When driving at night, this anti-glare is also beneficial to guard against other vehicles’ headlights.
  • Scratch-Resistance: Ceramic coating provides a durable, scratch-resistant shell to last up to 5 years. The ceramic coating prolongs the life of your automotive glass by lowering the risk of scratches from things like blowing sand or tiny debris. However, it won’t offer any defense against anything like a rock chip striking your glass quickly.

A coating like Super Ceramic Glass Coating can significantly improve the appearance of your glass. Because the nanostructure fills in the imperfections on the surface of your glass, you get a level of clarity that a simple glass cleaner cannot provide.



Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Ceramic Glass Coating

  1. Kartick

    I applied a second coat on my windshield and the solution does make it slippery for rain water. The wipers now do a much thorough job of cleaning the windshield during rains.

  2. Sagar Kumar

    Watr drops forms a filmy layer on the windscreen..this actually blurs out the vission and u have to completly rely on the wipers . After aplying the rainx u can notice the waterdrops beading up and rolling down the windshield without actually attaching to it..

  3. Rohit Sood

    It really does the job as per the description. It is also easy to apply on windshield and other window glasses.

  4. Babu Idikula

    Best product

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