Watermelon Foam Wash Shampoo


Watermelon Foam Wash Shampoo has a scent that is exactly like a ripe, seedless watermelon waiting to be cut up, and it makes the kind of thick, foaming suds that can only come from Super Ceramic Coating foams.


Traditional wash techniques spread dirt on painted surfaces, causing scratches and marring lines that detract from the gloss of your car. Our watermelon foam contains potent hyper surfactants that safely lubricate and guide dirt and grime off the paint for a scratch-free wash after cutting through dirt and grime and lifting it from delicate vehicle paintwork with billions of scrubbing bubbles.


Use This Shampoo To:

  • Get the ideal scratch-free wash
  • Delve deeply into mud that has been adhered to.
  • Make your shine streak-free.
  • Spray thick, creamy suds forever.
  • Create a fruity foam bath using your wash.
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