Can I Apply Ceramic Coating At Home?

The biggest question we often get asked is, can I apply the ceramic coating at home? We need to pay more than a full repainting expense if we want to ceramic coat our car or motorcycle at a detailing shop. It has become so expensive that an ordinary man has no other option other than to try and do it himself.

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Necessary Precautions That Should Be Taken!

We must keep a few crucial components in mind to prioritise your safety first! It is required to use safety clothing, nitrile gloves, and breathing equipment. The next step is to work in a prepared environment. Ceramic coatings should be applied in a confined space with good ventilation, a temperature of around 20 degrees, and a relative humidity of about 60%. Remember to not re-use the towels you used to buff off with on paint. You can begin to consider the independent application if you have satisfied all of these conditions.

Adequate surface preparation is a crucial stage in the application of ceramic coating. You will find detailed instructions that will walk you through the surface preparation process with our ceramic coating package.

Application Procedure

If you want to read about every aspect of the ceramic coating application procedure in detail, then I would recommend you read our How To Apply Super Ceramic Coating blog post. But here’s a brief synopsis of every step in the application procedure.

Step 1: Wash your vehicle thoroughly, let it dry and ensure it’s completely clean.

Step 2: Unbox the super ceramic coating kit and wrap the provided cloth over the sponge.

Step 3: Apply a few drops of Super ceramic coating liquid to the applicator and wipe vertically and horizontally on a 1.5 to 2 sq ft area.

Step 4: Buff the applied part with a microfiber cloth within 1.5–2 minutes after the application.

Step 5: Repeat this procedure on the entire vehicle.

Make sure to finish coating the entire vehicle once you start the process.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • It will be challenging to coat a car when the air temperature is below 4.4° Celsius since the curing process will be too slow. Too much time spent on it will render the ceramic coating ineffective.
  • Coating a car in high-humidity can slow curing and often results in an oily finish due to moisture in the air.
  • The excessive coating is also rather common, and this causes a coating that looks greasy and won’t cure correctly.
  • Ceramic coating will be destroyed sooner than you can say “smells like rain” if it is exposed to moisture too early. Exposure to moisture like rain, dew, or mist, or testing the hydrophobic qualities before full drying can compromise the quality of a vehicle’s ceramic coating.
  • It is essential to complete all the necessary prep work before applying a layer of ceramic coating. Skipping these processes or attempting to cut corners will result in various problems. This is fundamentally sound car care advice, so clean thoroughly and don’t expect that taking shortcuts will produce fruitful results.
  • Don’t ever apply ceramic coating under direct sunlight. Never move the car outside into the sun until 24 hours after applying the coating.
  • Another major no-no is applying a ceramic coating to a hot surface. Nevertheless, impatient people continue to attempt to use this product too soon, frequently after driving the car or after it has been sitting in the hot sun.
  • Our Super Ceramic Coating will take up to a week to completely heal, but only 48 hours are needed before driving the car. However, that is the bare minimum. Cut that cure period short and take a cruise while your ceramic coating is still setting may give unexpected results.


Our DIY ceramic coating has simple and straightforward procedures that anyone can do, even if you are completely new to the coating world. But even after reading all this, if you are still doubtful or not confident about applying the coating yourself, you can buy the coating from our website and contact a nearby car polishing center to apply the coating for you. It will dramatically reduce the cost of ceramic coating application.

Polishing only costs 1000-1500₹ in India. And the ceramic coating application can be charged extra 1000₹ when you provide them with the bottle. It will give the same results as applying ceramic coating at detailing center for more than 25000₹.

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  1. Hello Sreekanth, after applying a Teflon coating, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for curing and waiting times before applying any other coatings, including ceramic coatings. The waiting time can vary based on the specific products and brands you’re using, so it’s always best to refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturers.

    In general, the waiting time between applying a Teflon coating and a ceramic coating can range from a few hours to a few days, depending on factors like temperature, humidity, and the specific products being used. It’s recommended to wait at least 24-48 hours after applying the Teflon coating before applying the ceramic coating. This gives the Teflon coating sufficient time to cure and bond to the surface properly.

  2. Yes, it is strongly advised that all older automobiles undergo paint correction. It will help to improve the shine.

  3. Should I do paint correction before coating. I have meguiars diamond cut m85 compound. There are few scratches on the paint. Bike is about 3 years old

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