Matte Ceramic Coating


Do you have a car with a matte or satin finish? Whether painted or wrapped, it must be fully protected at all times! The Matte Ceramic Coating provides reliable defence against the damaging effects of the sun, bird droppings, acid rain, industrial fallout, and other environmental contaminants.


It is designed for matte and satin paint, vinyl wraps, and protective films. Surfaces keep clean thanks to the matte ceramic coating’s active water-repelling design. It retains the matte appearance and won’t add shine, in contrast to other nano-coatings.


This high-solids solution uses cutting-edge nano-glass ceramic particles in place of silicone oils and gloss enhancers to produce a layer of crystal-clear protection that will keep your matte or satin finish looking brand-new for years. When water hits our coating, it beads up and rolls off, picking up dirt and contaminants. Your front lip, hood, trim, and spoiler will be well-protected over time and will continue to look clean between washes if they are matte.

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