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World’s Best Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating
World’s Best Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating
World’s Best Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating
World’s Best Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating
World’s Best Nano Technology Paint Protection Coating

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Super Ceramic Coating


Super ceramic coating Protects from colour fading by adding a layer of glass layer (SiO2) above the paint surface. The coating lasts 2 Years and the hydrophobic properties will help to cleans your vehicle easily. The dirt and debris will not stick to the paint after coating


You Will Get a More Detailes How to Apply Guide Within the Package


Pour Few Drops Of Coating On the Applicator


Spread it over your vehicle paint


Wipe the entire surface with a Microfiber Cloth


Super Ceramic Coating Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Coating Kit included everything you needed for ceramic coat your vehicle at your home.

Super Ceramic Coating Bottle
Microfiber Buffing Towel
Application Sponge
Applicator Suedes x2
Professional Nitrile Gloves


Reviews don’t lie. Neither do over 25,000+ happy customers.

Unveiling the mirror-like perfection of my Royal Enfield, thanks to @superceramiccarcoating! 🌟✨ Flawless and showroom fresh, this ceramic-coated beauty not only boasts a glossy finish but also shields against UV rays, oxidation, and minor scratches. 

A ride that's truly a work of art! 🏍️💫 Huge thanks to @sb_ceramic_n_more for capturing this picture-perfect moment! 📸 

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Rev up your admiration for this stunningly coated Royal Enfield in mesmerizing red! 🏍️✨ Witness the unmatched shine and gloss, all thanks to @superceramiccarcoating. Big shoutout to Advocate Sunil Sharma for choosing our product and sharing the jaw-dropping results. The color is popping, and the shine is unparalleled, making every ride a statement. 🌟

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Ceramic Coating is the most advanced nano-technology paint protection coating. It is a Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) material in liquid form. When applied to the surface, it bonds like a glass layer with the surface itself within 48 hours of curing time. It adds about 1 to 1.5 microns of thickness to the paint surface. One micron is about one 1000th of a millimetre.

  • Motorcycle – 1 bottle*
  • Small car- 1 bottle* (We recommend you to buy 2 Bottles unless you are really on a tight budget. Most of the cars requires 2 bottle of Super Ceramic Coating in-order to add 2 layers)
  • Sedan- 2 bottles
  • Pick-up- 2 bottles
  • Jeep- 2 bottles
  • SUV- 3 bottles
  • VAN- 3 bottles
  • Boat- 4 bottles+

*Please note that it may be a good idea getting an extra bottle, ensuring you don’t run out when doing an application.

Yes, Super Ceramic Coating is made for applying at home! We designed the formula for the daily drivers, someone who wants to keep their car and motorcycle clean and protected, but without the massive expense of professional detailers. Instead of paying mark-ups of around 200% from the auto detailing shop, we provide you with an easy-to-follow D.I.Y. package. Check our Instagram page for mentions of thousands of customers who ceramic coated their vehicles at their home using Super Ceramic Coating.

Super ceramic coating is designed as a PAINT PROTECTION coating. But it can be applied to plastic, fiber, wheels, window glass, chrome, interior leather, fabric, and metal parts on cars and motorcycles.

To keep your car and bike looking brand new! Always! 7 Key Practical Benefits-
  1. Prevent color fading.
  2. Hydrophobic effects Keep Your Car Cleaner In Between Each Wash
  3. Gives a Freshly Waxed Look for Years
  4. Preserve a Higher-Resale Value
  5. Protection from Harmful UV Rays, Chemical Stains
  6. Prevents swirl marks and small scratches.
And Many More benefits. Get your bottle today.

FOR BOTH. New vehicles need it the most:

  1. To make it look even more beautiful, add a mirror-like shine.
  2. To prevent swirl marks and scratches. It hurts when a new car or bike is being scratched.
  3. To maintain your vehicle easily and effortlessly. The hydrophobic properties of Super Ceramic Coating help with easier washing.

The old vehicles are to be coated; if not done yet.

  1. To remove the dullness & fadedness of your aged vehicle.
  2. To bring back showroom shine and protect it further.
  3. To maintain your bike easily & effortlessly.

You can apply the coating to a matte finish without any problems. It will not turn your matte finish into glossy. You can find hundreds of matte customer reviews on our Instagram page.