Recently super ceramic coating reached out to me and wanted to know if I would be interested in trying out their super ceramic coating for bikes and car. It was my first time I haven’t heard about there products before, and with no time wasting, I straight jumped into their website. I have to admit. I got impressed by the outlook of their website. Also, the way they organize their product attracts anyone who first gives a visit their site will leave dropping a love for sure.

After checking out the site thoroughly and readings the reviews, I made my mind, at the same time was skeptical about checking this product out. I reached back out to super ceramic products, and they were generous enough to hook me up with their super ceramic coating exchange for my honest review.

Super CeramicCoating Unboxing

The super ceramic product presentation doesn’t just stop at their website. The ceramic coating comes in a square box, where the box is black colored with an impressive design. At the time of unboxing, it almost felt like I was unboxing something premium product. Finally, opening up the cover of the box reveals a one-piece microfiber cloth and with an applicator along with an instruction manual and one super ceramic coating placed perfectly.

Super ceramic coating does a great job here, making you feel like you received something worth the price you paid even before you use it. I do recommend super ceramic coating for your vehicle as it comes at a little cost but gives an impressive look for your car.


  • Ceramic coating 30 ml
  • One microfiber cloth
  • Applicator
  • Instruction manual


1.check on the box

  • Well, before applying the super ceramic coating, you should check on if the product comes with all the necessary items which are said to be included with the box. Most importantly, check for the applicator, which is in blue color meantime. Also, do check if the instruction manual and 30ml super ceramic coating are present or not.along with that, a small microfiber cloth is provided; that fabric is essential. With the help of that microfiber cloth, you will polish the car. Now let’s further move on to the washing and application procedures.


What we are going to discuss here is important as I mention in the title the climatic conditions as we move from south to north or vise versa there is a considerable difference this has a predominant role to play when it comes with applying a super c ceramic coating that means if your someone from the northern part of India, for example, Rajasthan, it is humid all the time which often above 35-degree celsius .in such harsh conditions. Applying ceramic to your vehicle is impossible as it gives faint white marks on your car paint  If your place temperature is above 30 Degree Celcius, consider using the coating after 5 PM. So the layer gets curing time of at least 12 hours at lower temperatures.


when talking about cleaning the car, most people might do it so quickly by using a motor cleaner but here we don’t recommend a high power washing machine as it may cause damage to your paint surface. We do recommend a thorough cleaning; like using a shampoo and clean with hands using a cotton cloth this method not only clean perfect but also did not bring up any new scratches. You should remind yourself of washing the dirt cloth with clean water every 5 minutes. after if not many minute scratches may appear


Once you are done with the cleaning be ready to apply the coating; make sure the applicator is wet with the ceramic coating when the time of applying. First, pour 10-15 drops to the applicator to make it wet. Then start to form a specific portion slowly remember to do it in a consistent pattern also make sure the applicator is touching everywhere without leaving an undone area. when you are done with the application left with the vehicle for the next 48 hours to get that premium look


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Super Ceramic Coating Editor

Super Ceramic Coating Editor

Detail your vehicle like a Pro with our DIY products. Over the shoulder guides will help you to understand how the products work and how you can use it like a detailer. If you have any doubts regarding ceramic coating or it's the application, feel free to comment below.

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"Although I had my doubts about using this product I eventually gave it a go. Was I impressed ? That’s an understatement my Isuzu gets comments on how fantastic it looks. Thank you so much”

super ceramic coating review

Amrit Srinivasan


"After giving my Suzuki GSX-R600 a good paint prep as per Super ceramic coating how to apply guide, their product was straightforward to use, and the outcome was phenomenal.
Best products I have used made my car shine like I want it to."

super ceramic coating review

Abhishek Gupta


"I don’t have any experience detailing everything I did to my Bike was based on the How to apply guide provided with super ceramic coating. It did take a lot of time and effort to get it prepped, but it was 100% worth it. The coating process itself is easy; I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to make their Bike & car look it’s best."

super ceramic coating review

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Recently super ceramic coating reached out to me and wanted to know if I would be interested in trying out their super ceramic coating for

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