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car window anti fog film

Car Window Anti-Fog Film (Better Side Mirror View Through Car Window While Rain)

600.00 450.00

Don’t risk your loved one’s life for 450₹. We are spending lakhs to buy a car and it’s not a bad idea to spend a thousand rupees to protect it. Take your protection to the next level by rain proofing your car windows. We are offering 150₹ instant discount to “Side Mirror Rain Proof Film” customers. Add this to your order and save additional 150₹ now!

Whether a sprinkle or a heavy downpour can be one of the most difficult driving situations a driver encounters. Rainy conditions are directly associated with higher accident rates. No matter what part of the country you live in, it is almost certain that you will be required to drive your vehicle in the rain at some point. This innovative product easily resolves your concerns about driving in a foggy, rainy day or on a dark night. With this thin Anti- Fog c film you can get a clear view from the rear-view mirror, as it is featured rain-proof, anti-fog, anti-mist as well as anti-glare. A tiny but must buy item for your safe driving experience in any weather at any time. Enjoy your driving!

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Happy and satisfied customers


I am using it since last 4 months and ordered one more again. This product is awesome! It simple instructions and installation, you would be asking why I didn't do this sooner. Clearly see the difference! It does its job very well. Value for money.
Sukhdev Singh


It works well when it rains ,It's waterproof. I can see everything clearly. Product delivered within 2 days after I order. Highly Recommended.
car waterproof film buy india
Kiran Mudunuri


This is very useful. I couldn’t see it clearly on the rainy days. It gives very clear vision after sticking it to the window. It can improve the overall safety.
Ranjeet Singh


It's pretty straightforward, nothing fancy: it's an anti-water film and it does its job! If you are like me, who don't own a car with power windows, you definitely need this so you are not trying to reach over to the passenger side to roll down the window and wipe off the mirror in the rain.
Rajan PK

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