Flamingo Tyre Sealant & Inflator (450 Ml) | Puncture Free Wheels


Flamingo Tyre Sealant repairs a puncture immediately without removing the tire from the rim, or even from your vehicle. As you spray, it forms a viscous gel that will coat the inside of the tire and plug all leaks or punctures. Start driving your within a few minutes of inserting the sealant, so the tire’s heat can spread the gel evenly around the inside. Tire sealant also costs less than parts and labor for patch repair.


  • No jack nor tire-change is needed
  • One step procedure: repair a puncture and inflate it within seconds
  • Seals Puncture Immediately & Permanently.
  • Increases Tyre’s Life, Keeps tire cool, and Increases Fuel Efficiency!
  • Eliminates rim, vent and pinhole leaks
  • No corrosion and no damage to the tire.
  • Prevents and eliminates rust and corrosion
  • No flammable components/No risk in retreading
  • It can also be filled into new tires to prevent unexpected leakage.

It is 100% applicable to breach within 6mm on tubeless rubber tires of cars, motorcycles, electrical bicycles.

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