Chain Cleaning Kit (Chain Cleaner 500 ML Free With Chain Lube 500 ML)


Get a free 500 ML chain cleaner with 500 ML chain lube. A motorcycle chain needs to be lubricated every 500 KM. Our Chain Lube+ Chain Cleaner COMBO makes it easier to clean and lubricate your chain as needed.

  • You don’t have to use chain cleaning brushes that only lasts a few times! Normally, the brush bristles damage after one or two cleanings!! Spray our chain cleaner onto the chain, the dirt and grime automatically start to fall within few minutes. Rinse with water after 10 minutes and spray our chain lube. You are good to go.
  • Our 500 ML Chain cleaner + Chain Lube 500 ML and lube last around 6 months for a normal rider.

Get a Free 500 ML Chain Lube Bottle with Every 500 ML Chain Lube

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