Get a Car Cleaning Cloth Bundle (2 Cloths) For Just ₹200!
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Microfiber Cloths Absorb Ten Times Its Weight in Water!
Have you seen swirl marks on your paint? Wonder what causing it? Using cotton cloths for washing your vehicle leaves swirl marks and damage your vehicle paint, It pushes dirt and debris rather than picking it up.
Here’s What People are Saying About Microfiber Cloths
Look /doubt no further.. just buy it.

“This is probably the best all-rounder microfiber cloth I have used. It's so soft and fluffy and cleans dust like a charm. I totally recommend this product for the price it offers great value. ”

Aditya Kumar
Will Get It Again, Finally A Good Product!

The thickness is superb, excellent absorbing, and fantastic quality. I used to have at least 4 cleaning cloths to dry my Vento. I was pleasantly surprised to have used just two (one for washing and one for drying) while drying my Volkswagen Vento. Yes, I did squeeze (might be twice) in-between to make the microfiber light. just a word of caution...the cloth might fall off in the ground while using during drying your car as it can become heavy after absorbing the water. So just be careful. Am very happy with this and will surely recommend it.

Anu vikram Singh
Awesome Product!

These are superb, what a great price for such great quality, double sided and as fluffy as a new born bunny, I could dump all of my regular towels and just use these if only I could buy paint this colour (lol), seriously, these are fantastic quality and at this price can't be beaten. Highly recommended, really highly recommended.

Pratik Shinde
Excellent for cars bikes Washing!

These are really good quality cloths, great for washing, drying and polishing. I use one for each type of application and then put them through a 15 minute wash cycle in the washing machine so that they are perfect for the next car clean. They are also useful for all types of cleaning in the home. Mirrors, windows and general dusting all work equally well.

Vivek Sharma