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Chain Cleaner (500ml)

Motorcycle chain maintenance is often overlooked in India; sometimes even official motorcycle service centres skip carrying out this major maintenance procedure correctly. We say major, because it’s the chain that is literally sending the power to the rear wheel of your motorcycle, and a dry or grimy one can significantly affect performance. Well, the good news is, it’s not too difficult to do it yourself, if you are ready to get your hands a little dirty that is. Remember, this needs to be done at least every 500km.


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Double Side Microfiber Cloth 600 GSM For Car Cleaning

This professional-grade microfiber cloth can pick, pull, and collect dirt and dust deep into the cloth like a magnet. Microfiber cleaning cloths are gentle on your car and bike surfaces while achieving the best results. We’re proud to say our gold-standard microfiber cloths are ultra-thick and absorbent, which gives them the “squeaky-clean” reputation that we’re proud to put our name on.

Foam Wash (500 ML)

The foam wash is a hi-tech shampoo specifically designed to create copious amounts of cleaning suds in a foam cannon or foam gun to lubricate the surface to avoid scratching during washing. It is ceramic coating safe and turns any car wash into a foam party. It can be used with foam gun wash and regular bucket washing.

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